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Digital, offset and large format printing

Here you will find the information you need, if you deliver files ready for printing.

Check the bottom of the page for information how to make a print ready PDF in Indesign.

Size and format

Deliver your document in the correct final size, for instance A5, A4 or A3. All pages as single pages and not as spreads. If the product is only to be folded, f.e. a 6-page 99×210 or 4-page A5, you can deliver it as a double sided A4. If you have colours or images up to the edge of the paper, you need to add bleeds (read more below).


If you have colours or images up to the edge of the paper, these need to be extended 3 mm outside the page size. The printing press and cutter have a margin of error, and with the bleeds we make sure there is no white paper showing at the edge of the product.

Crop marks

Digital printing: you do not need to use cutting marks.
Offset printing: please use cutting marks.
Large format printing: you do not need to use cutting marks.
Please note: do not use any other marks (registration marks, bleed marks, colour bars)


Don’t put any important text or other elements too close to the edges; the margin of error has to be taken into account here as well.


The industry standard resolution for images is 300 ppi (pixels per inch). A lower resolution might result in soft or pixelated images. However, different machines have different requirements, an depending on the overall quality of the image, one might get away with a slightly lower resolution, as follows:
Digital printing: 200 ppi.
Offset printing: 270 ppi.
Large format printing: 150 ppi (tarpaulin, fabric, paper), 250 ppi (dekals, photo paper).

Colour profile

Digital printing: use Fogra39*.
Offset printing: use Fogra39 for coated paper and Fogra29 for uncoated paper.
Large format printing: use Fogra39.

* When printing digitally, no occurs, so use Fogra39 even though your product is printed on uncoated paper.

File format

We only accept print files in PDF-format. If you have created your document in Word, Publisher, Pages or such, please save it as a PDF before sending it to us.

File transfer

Small files under 20 MB can be sent by e-mail to For larger files, please use our Wetransfer at Please note, if you send your files by Wetransfer, you still need to send us more info by e-mail.


PDF-settings for Indesign

Indesign 1
Use the preset Press Quality, choose All Pages and Pages.
Indesign 2
Choose Crop Marks, change the Offset to 3 mm and choose Use Document Bleed Settings. If after this your bleed value is 0 mm, it means you have forgotten to set a bleed in your document. Correct it and make a new PDF.
Indesign 3
If your settings in Indesign are correct, the Destination profile shuld already be “Document CMYK – Coated Fogra39”. If the value is something else, choose Fogra39, and the result should look like in the smaller picture.

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