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Advertising products

A big selection of products

With our large format printers we produce:

  • Signs and stands
  • Stickers/Tape
  • Posters
  • Plastic posters
  • Window and vehicle decals
  • Rollups
  • Promotional clothing
  • Wall art
    • Canvas or photography paper
  • Banners
    • Fabric or tarpaulin
Read more about the products:


We carry a selection of 50×70 cm, 70×100 cm and 25×70 cm, in black and white (others colours are order items).


Our rollups are 85×200 cm, and the image can be printed on a fabric or plastic material. The reverse side is always gray or silver-like. If you have an old rollup that you would like to reuse, we can change its picture.

Stickers, decals and signs

We make stickers and decals in almost any size and form. From small tool-marking stickers to windows and vehicle decals. The stickers can protected with a matte or gloss laminate, to extend it’s longevity. And if we put the decal on a board – voila! – we have created a sign.


We print posters in all standard and non-standard sizes; A3, A2, 50×70, 70×100, A1, B1, B0 and so on. On paper or on a paper-like plastic material, that is perfect for long-time outdoor use, for example in an A-stand.

Clothes printing

We print clothes with transfer film, either on your existing clothes or on clothes sold by us. Check out the whole range at We also have a small selection of clothes and fabric products ready for sublimation printing, that can stand to be washed quite a lot of times before starting to fade.

Other large format products

We have a large selection of material for our large format printers, for example tarpaulin, flag fabric, fabric, paper, plastic-like paper, matte paper, photo paper, vinyl and canvas.

Other promotional products

We also do small scale production of promotional and Give Away-products, such as coffee mugs, keychains, mouse mats, badges and refridgerator magnets.

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